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nests-of-creatives John DerianAfter my last post on Hemingway, I began thinking about the homes of other creatives and how their homes reflect who they are and the work they do. (Above we see the home of John Derian.)

After doing some research I found that Rizzoli has just released The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives by Kim Ficaro and Todd Nickey It’s a fresh eye comparing a variety of approaches to living, rather than the depiction of a particular style. The book presents 17 houses belonging to creative people whose quarters reflect their personal and rather inspired approaches to living.


Kim Ficaro is a prop and interiors stylist, and Todd Nickey, is an interior designer and co-owner of Nickey Kehoe, a very cool design shop in LA.  For this book, they stepped back and used their vision to record the work of others. They used the very talented Ditte Isager to do the photography. Her home is also included in the book.

They discovered a great selection of creative types, from designers and tastemakers to writers and musicians. The homeowners passions, aesthetics, and sensibilities are reflected in their surroundings for us to observe and sometimes take note for their rejection of the norms in “designed” spaces. Some good old fashioned rule breaking never hurt anyone I say.

inspired-home-203-ms111099_sqSoothing blues evoke the sea in Athena and Victor Calderone’s Amagansett, New York, beach house.


Hand-painted wallpaper brightens mornings in Allison Shearmur’s Los Angeles home.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.36.30 PM

The living room of Shearmur’s home is stately and minimal. The bookshelves contain an amazing array of art books as well as smaller collected pieces.inspired-home-Ferreti

A modern chair sits beside an old wallpapering table in the white-and-gray New Hope, Pennsylvania, home of Richard Ferretti and James Gager.


An artful, orderly array of cabinets adjacent to the kitchen in the Ferretti/Gager home. inspired-home-167-ms111099_sq

In Doug Lloyd’s Hamptons retreat, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors blur the boundaries between indoors and out.


A serene, large-format photograph by Ditte Isager and a chandelier hang above the bed in her room.

Another great book I found was Interiors by Martyn Thompson.


Martyn is an expat from Australia currently residing in NYC who began his photographic career over 30 years ago starting with shooting his own fashion line. However his images grabbed more attention than his clothing line and thus he began working for the likes of Architectural Digest, W, Vogue, as well as capturing imagery for Tiffanys, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, and Gucci.

A book was born when many people had suggested that he publish a book of the interiors work he had shot for creatives the world over, then, talking one day with the co-author, Kirsten Willey, she offered to put it all together and so the book was set in motion.


Highland Lodge in Scotland by Designer, Suzy Hoodless


Vincent Van Duysen, architect, Belgium


Liddie Holt Harrison, Model, England


Francisco Costa, fashion designer, New York


Lesley Crawford, film and set designer, Sydney

So many great interiors. I showcased but a select few from these two books but hopefully it gave you a taste of what was to be found inside: deeply personal and memorable interiors that speak to the owners interests and aesthetics.

Images courtesy of : Nests by Ditte Isager,  Interiors by Martyn Thompson.

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